Door Hardware–Choosing an Exterior Door Piece

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Door Hardware–Choosing an Exterior Door Piece

Are you having trouble deciding if you require a mortise, rim lock or conversion entry set? Selecting the appropriate exterior door hardware is quite easy; all you have to do is follow these easy steps.

First step: Assess your doorway

Fiberglass Door with Grip Set Door HardwareIf you recently purchased a new door or have an existing antique, search for any cracks on the door’s face or cut-outs by the side of the door. If you find any openings, take the dimensions including the thickness of the door, and the backset (distance from the door’s edge to the midpoint of the opening the door knob spindle goes through). Also, it is beneficial to measure the door stile’s width (the vertical component where the door hardware is fitted).

If your door is a new one, find out if the door is pre-bored using a pair of regular 1 2/8 inches holes. In addition, take note of the thickness of the door. Generally, doors which are pre-drilled will need conversion entry sets. Check to find out if the back set is 2 ¾ inches or 2 3/8 inches. You have a broader range of door hardware choices to select from, if the door is yet to be drilled.

2nd Step: choose a Kind of Door Set

If there are existing cut-outs or bores on your door, then choose a door hardware that most closely matches these openings. Doors which have had no preparation work are appropriate for any kind of door hardware. All you have to do is select a set that harmonizes with the era and style of your house.

Conversion Entry Door Pieces

If you are constructing a new house, or your present house was constructed after the year 1940, then you will most likely require a conversion entry piece. Conversion entry sets that are fitted with a tiny cylindrical latch system, are designed for doorways that are 1 ¾ inches – 2 ¼ inches thick and bored using a pair of 2 1/8 holes. Conversion entry sets are the most popular kind of door hardware available in the market today; also they are available in a wide variety of designs and styles. You will find everything from stylish, long handled sets to crystal knobs fitted with Victorian style escutcheons.

When purchasing a conversion entry piece, make sure you measure as well as specify the appropriate backset. Most contemporary doors are fitted with a backset of 2 ¾ inches or 2 3/8 inches. If your doorways are not pre-drilled, then you should measure the stile’s width to ascertain the backset you require. Make sure you take note of the door set’s width – it should not intersect with the stile’s edge at any point or end.

The deadbolts that come with conversion entry pieces are appropriate for doors that are 1 ¾ inches to 2 ¼ inches thick. For thicker doors, get in touch with a Door Hardware professional for other alternatives. If there are double doors in your home, you may have to buy a pair of mock handles for the inactive door, in addition to bolts to help secure the door.

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