Various Kinds of Door Locks-Door Hardware Toronto

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Various Kinds of Door Locks-Door Hardware Toronto

Lever-Sets-whole-sale-by-www.door-hardware-.caA house should be sufficiently secure to prevent burglars as well as other would-be intruders from breaking into the house when the occupants are away. For this reason, it is extremely important to have strong locks on the doors. Even though several kinds of locks are available within the market, it is important that you select the appropriate door hardware Toronto for your house. For instance, not every homeowner or renter needs to install costly keyless devices on the main entrance of their homes, also not all doors within the house need the same type of door hardware Toronto. Presented below are the different kinds of door locks that are available within the market.

  1. Knob Locks

These are among the most common kind of door hardware Toronto. Knob locks mainly comprise of a lock that’s inbuilt in a door knob. In certain models, the lock is fitted below or above the door knob. Some knob locks are designed in such a way that they open when a key card is swiped within the lock and the card is recognized by the scanners. Also, this type of door hardware Toronto can be designed to function as safety locks to prevent kids from getting into certain areas. Simple or plain knob locks are not expensive; however they can be tampered with or broken easily.

  1. Privacy Locks

The main function of this type of door hardware Toronto is to provide privacy, and is utilized on bedroom and bathroom doors, where security is not a serious concern. These locks come in a range of colors and designs to fit your home’s décor and color theme. They have no key holes, and can be locked only by pressing a switch positioned at the knob’s center, from the inside. Also, these locks have a lever rather than a knob. In the event of an emergency, such as when somebody is trapped inside, the door can easily be opened by slotting in a small metal piece via the small opening on the external knob.

  1. Fiberglass Door with Grip Set Door HardwareKeyless Entry Devices

Keyless entry devices are commonly utilized in areas that require restricted entry. Aside from providing higher security levels, this door hardware Toronto also gives you the convenience of not needing to move around with keys. Keyless entry systems function when someone presses against a sensor with the finger. The sensor detects the individual’s finger print which has been stored within a database already. As soon as the person’s fingerprint has been scanned, access is given within seconds.

  1. Deadbolts

These are costlier than other types of door locks and are also the most secure. This type of door hardware Toronto can only be operated in two ways – by turning the lock’s lever from within or by using a key. So, why are these locks so secure? Actually, it is because they work with the surrounding wall to secure the door. This makes it difficult, if not impossible to break into a house via the door. Deadbolts are beneficial on metal and wooden doors; also they are available in various sizes.

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